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Full Character Name: Aion
Rank/Title (if applicable):  The Sinner, The Hornless Devil, Lord or King (as in chess) amongst the other Sinners
Age: 84. Thanks to demons aging differently than humans he is supposed to appear as about 20 physically according tot he author.
Birthday: The day Lilith died.
Gender: Male
Species: Demon/Devil (SPOILER: formerly human)

Sexual Orientation: Never mentioned. Since demons propagate similar to bees (one Queen is the mother of all) it's likely that they don't have the same strict ideas about it as humans do.
Single, Had a Bad Day
Most Favorite Person: The Sinners as a group. Canon says that he tends to spoil Chrono.
Least Favourite Person: Pandaemonium

Chrono Crusade, manga
Setting of Origin (country, year, planet name, descriptive, flowery language goes here if unknown specifically, approximate to our time): Earth, Pandaemonium, later Eden, somewhere above the sky of North America, in the 1920s
Point Taken from Canon:
The end of the series.

 Typical Style of dress (pics are awesome):
   human demon
Younger human version: Ω
Younger demon version: Ω
As a kid: Ω

Easiest way to get on his good side:
None? Befriend him. Be loyal. Maybe that works.
Easiest Way To Get On His Bad Side: Try to control him, betray him or force your views on him. He also dislikes
hypocrisy with a passion.
What will incite emo? "Which is worse: nothing to defend, or no one to defend it?" pointing out that he’s the only surviving Sinner.

Rage? Pushing him into a corner. Aion gets almost as violent as Chrono if you do that.  
NO U response? He’s a big bad demon. Quit making him go shopping and babysit for you!
Maim/Murder/Death: He easily kills and is difficult to kill.
Blood: It’s a pain to get out of white clothes.

Anything for aura readers/reiatsu users/sixth sense folks to pick up:
Maybe that he’s a demon and that his species feeds on the equivalent of the energy of (human) souls? He also got hot-wired with a monstrous, bodysurfing entity once and has the memory of a whole culture in his head as a result. (Quote: So senseless… So senseless!!”)
Other typical status changes, island-borne or canon: He can switch between a human and a demon form.

*Quote by Oscar Wilde.